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Bob Oliver Bigellow XLII's Journal

11th October, 2002. 12:34 am. A Week Of Nothing

Ok, I had some more weird-ass dreams over the past week. And, well, that's about the extent of my excitement.

I've had this one credit card for 3 years. I have never been late with a payment, never gone over limit, never missed a payment, always paid more than the minimum due and, yet, have consistently used the card every month for those 3 years. My over-all credit rating has only improved during those 3 years.

I got a letter from the credit card company stating that they are switching their accounts to a new servicing center. And part of this process involves the re-evaluation of the credit profiles of their customers. As a result, they have decided to close my account.

Ummm, what!? Ok, I give up.

In other news, I am really glad Bush got the ok to start erasing Saddam. Maybe he can finish what his father forgot to.

This is me signing off for now.

Current mood: thirsty.

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3rd October, 2002. 10:35 pm. Everything Is Slooow

Well, shit. Not much going on lately. I saw The Tuxedo. Not too bad of a movie. I wouldn't say it was one of Jackie Chan's best, though. My boss got the shit scared out of him by one of those "What's wrong with this picture?" things that does the loud scream with the funky face. He shouted, "Aaaaahhh! Jesus Fucking Christ!" for the entire department to hear. I think a few neighboring countries also heard.

With the addition of two new employees, I now have four people working for me. I'm one step closer to taking over the world.

We will also be moving into a larger apartment soon. Good times.

Bah. I'm bored and I'm tired. Sleeping is such a waste of time, though. I'm out.

Current mood: blah.

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30th September, 2002. 7:59 am. Everybody Dies Alone

I finally saw Donnie Darko. Kick-ass movie. Strangely, I was able to relate to the main character.

That night I had another trippy-ass dream. In the dream I was trying to act insane because, for one reason or another, I wanted to see what it was like in an insane asylum. However, one of the nurses found me out and was pissed. As I continued to try to keep up the act, I started to actually hallucinate. As she would walk away her body would get smaller (simply because she was walking away), but her head would stay the same size. When she would walk toward me again, she would still have a disproportionately large head. I kept pointing this out to her, and she thought I was still just trying to act insane. So, she kicked me out.

Then, I was pondering over why I was hallucinating. I thought that maybe if you act insane long enough, you will become insane. As I was contemplating this, I woke up.

My Fantasy Football team freaking lost again. I give up.

Current mood: crazy.

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25th September, 2002. 8:04 am. Trippy-Ass Dreams

Well, it seems my bizarre dreams have surfaced again. I might keep an offline journal of these dreams in an attempt to decipher the code.

In other news, my fantasy football team lost because Kurt Warner threw four fucking interceptions. What an ass-hole.

I'm finally getting all of my finances in order. Wow, exciting.

Life is too boring at the moment. This is the end of this entry.

Current mood: tired.

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22nd September, 2002. 7:09 pm. Secks Versus Ever

I saw Ballistic: Ecks Versus Sever today with my friend and his wife.

The movie was entertaining only that it showed people fighting and blowing things up.

Other than that, it wasn't really a movie. It was just a bunch of people fighting and blowing things up.

My fantasy football team is kicking ass.

Well, that's all for today. This weekend was ok, but it went by too fast. I hope to put a little bit more thought into a couple of my world domination sub-projects. Until next time...

Current mood: rushed.

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21st September, 2002. 11:30 am. Now You See It, Now You Don't

Well, because those fools didn't know what they were doing, they finally credited my credit card for the original $1,500 they charged... and an additional $1,500 credit. It would have been nice if this additional $1,500 credit had stayed there. Alas, it didn't. It came back off today. Oh well.

I finally saw Being John Malkovich last night. Trippy.

I'm gonna go see Signs again today, with a friend.

It's amazing how the most trivial things in life can slow down my world domination plans.

That is all for now.

Current mood: lazy.

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18th September, 2002. 8:09 am. More Frustration, More Good News

That whole credit card situation got worse. The unauthorized $1500 transaction is still locked on the card. It seems when they told me it would take 2 business days, they meant to tell me it would take 5 business days. @#*! As a result, we have to keep telling the dealership to wait for our down-payment (even though we already have the truck from them).

All is good, however, since the dealer let us know that they managed to secure a loan for 4% LESS than what we were quoted, AND that it wouldn't require a down-payment. Kick-ass.

Well, time for me to go to work and pay the bills.

Current mood: awake.

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16th September, 2002. 2:32 am. I Could Drink A Horse

Not much goes on once you sell your soul for a vehicle.

Maybe this next week of work will change this.

Wish me luck.

Current mood: thirsty.

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14th September, 2002. 7:24 pm. $30,000 Later...

Well, my wife just bought a truck today. A Lava Red Nissan Frontier. It's pretty kick-ass but after getting a really crappy interest rate we're looking at about $30,000 after taxes and interest and all of that other good stuff. Oh well.

The whole day was mostly a pain in the ass. We went to one of those fly-by-night auto shows and they didn't approve us for the loan. Then, they wouldn't give me my credit card back (that they were originally holding to charge the $500 down-payment to). Finally, when they gave me my credit card back, I found out they charged $1,500 to it! That's ok, 'cause they promptly refunded $1,000 back to my card. What the fuck!? "What about the other $500?," I asked. So, finally, they refunded the remaining $500.

Pissed off, we went to an actual auto dealership to get the vehicle. They approved the loan, but with an insane interest rate. After much deliberation, I got the interest rate lowered, but not by much. However, they wanted $1,500 down. This would have been a piece of fucking cake if the $1,500 wasn't still locked on my credit card!

It turns out when a merchant puts a charge on a card, the money is instantly locked. However, if the merchant puts in a refund transaction, this doesn't post until after the next business evening. (Which, in my case, is in 3 days.) In any case, we got the truck and will have to go back to the dealership to give them the $1,500 that we still owe them. What a fiasco.

So, my wife has a new truck and she is happy. I don't have to drive her around everywhere, so I am happy. This is the end of this entry and you don't have to read any more pointless information about my life, so you are happy.

Current mood: blah.

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12th September, 2002. 10:47 pm. Pointlessly Pointless Day

Today was one of those days that could have not existed and nobody would have noticed.

My wife and I did have lunch today (and this is a good thing).

I suppose I also got lots of shit done at work today.

I interviewed someone today.

I ate some pretzels and some Oreo® Double Delights (mint) for dinner.

Wow. Call Steven Spielberg. I'm sure this is enough juicy material to make a movie about my life story.

Current mood: unaccomplished.

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